Country Western

The Texas Two Step
Two Step is a must learn dance for anyone who lives in the great state of Texas. Popularized by the movie Urban Cowboy with John Travolta, the Two Step is the primary dance at C&W clubs.
The Two Step is one of the easiest dances to learn as it has a very natural instinctive feel since it is similar to walking with some rhythm thrown in . The Two Step is all about having fun and interacting with your partner. If you’ve ever watched a couple gliding smoothly and effortlessly across the floor while dancing eye-catching patterns with showy spins and turns then you’ll understand why this dance is an all-time favorite with dance fanatics of all ages.

What is Country Western (C&W) Dancing?
Part of what makes C&W dancing so much fun is the variety of music and dances. In addition to the Two Step other popular dances include Polka, Waltz, Cha Cha, Nightclub Two Step, Swing and Line Dancing.
The music typically has an upbeat tempo with a strong beat that is easy to hear, so most C&W dances are fast paced, energetic dances that exude confidence and fun. And because C&W is a social dance the hold is a little more relaxed and comfortable than it would be in more traditional dance styles.
Some C&W dances travel around the floor while others stay in one area. The Two Step, Polka and Waltz are danced counter clock wise around the dance floor in a smooth fluid movement while the Cha Cha, Night Club Two Step and Swing are stationary dances that remain on the spot.
With so many choices it is easy to see why C&W is so popular and will always be the dance of choice for bona fide Houstonians!

Country Western Classes
If you are interested in learning the Two Step and other Country Western dances in a fun, laid back setting then our group dance classes are for you.
Our classes start at the beginning with the basic footwork and timing then quickly progress to the flashy moves you see at the clubs and on popular dance shows.
In the higher level classes you will learn intricate patterns with captivating spins and styling while continuing to sharpen your lead and follow skills so you can dance these exciting steps with ease.
Whether you are looking for a fun night out, have always wanted to learn to dance or your dance skills just need a little fine-tuning our classes have something for everyone.

Country Western Private Lessons
If you prefer one on one attention where you will be walked and talked through every step and shown each move up close and personal then private lessons are for you.
The private lessons provide for:

  • – Flexible scheduling
  • – Ability to move along at your own pace
  • – Learn proper lead and follow techniques
  • – Focus on one or all of the C&W dances
  • – All levels from beginner to advanced
  • – Instruction for singles or couples

If you don’t have a dance partner, not to worry, your instructor will be your dance partner during the lessons for specialized one on one instruction.
We often hear “We can both dance but we can’t dance with each other”, from our couples who are learning to dance. We can help! The professional instructors at Dance Passion will happily teach you simple techniques that will allow you to glide effortlessly together across the floor before you know it.