Ballroom / Latin Dance

At Dance Passion Studio we specialize in social Ballroom dancing. We offer monthly beginner, pre-intermediate and intermediate levels. Once you have your foundation steps (from the beginner and pre-intermediate classes) you progress to the Intermediate class where we learn new steps every month. This is where you will learn all the fancy spins and exciting steps you see on the dancing shows. We offer 6 of the most popular dances in our Ballroom classes:

Ballroom DancingElegant Foxtrot: Foxtrot is a great dance for beginners, it feels like a stroll in the parkā€¦ with some rhythm thrown in. Foxtrot is a slow, easy dance during which a couple can even have a pleasant conversation. This is the classic dance for wedding receptions and social events.

Passionate Tango: Attitude! Attitude! Attitude! This dramatic dance with its lightning quick head movements was originally popularized by Rudolph Valentino and more recently by Al Pacino in ‘Scent of a Woman’. The sultry motion, the stylish look, and the haunting sense of passion make Tango an intriguing dance.

Timeless Waltz: The romantic, graceful waltz originated in Germany in the 17th Century and might be the most popular dance of all times. Waltz music has a very distinctive one-two-three tempo. The dance is characterized by rise and fall which accentuates the elegant flowing movement around the dance floor.

Slinky Cha Cha: This famous Latin dance with its sexy hip movements is often danced to upbeat top 40 hits such as Santana’s ‘Smooth’, Pink’s ‘Get This Party Started’, and Christina Aquilera’s ‘Lady Marmalade’. The energetic music gives the dance a sense of lighthearted fun. Cha Cha is a very versatile social dance that is popular in all genres such as Latin, Country Western and Ballroom.

Enchanting Rumba: This romantic Latin dance emphasizes the hips in telling a story of love and is often referred to as the ‘Dance of Love’. The alluring movements of Rumba have a flirtatious, teasing playfulness. Rumba is danced to slow romantic music from Latin and pop origins.

Energetic Jitterbug Swing: With its happy upbeat feel, fun spins and intricate patterns the Jitterbug Swing is a versatile dance going equally well with Big Band (Glenn Miller -In the Mood), rock-and-roll (Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock) , many Motown songs, top 40 hits, and all-time favorite ‘Rock Around The Clock’. Whatever your music preference, Jitterbug Swing is one of the most fun and exciting partner dances you will ever learn!

The variety of dances taught in our ballroom classes make it a great choice for those looking for a fun night out learning to dance. And whether you are looking to make new friends or just always wanted to learn to dance our group classes have something for everyone.

Private Ballroom Dance Lessons
In private lessons we can focus on one specific dance or we can include instruction on all the ballroom dances.
There are several advantages to private lessons:

  • – Flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle
  • – Ability to focus on your favorite dances
  • – Freedom to learn at your own pace
  • – Personalized one on one instruction

Whether you want to learn to dance socially for fun, to prepare for a special occasion or even to compete; the instructors at Dance Passion Studio will happily customize the lessons to fit your needs.